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    IAFIE Regional Directors News - 4.20.24
    Dr. Mark Stout at the University of San Francisco - 4.5.24

IAFIE Regional Directors News - 4.20.24

Early in March we held our first general meeting of Regional Directors whose responsibility it is to lead membership development in their respective regions. We discussed numerous ideas for member activities and for chapter development and from about 50 ideas selected a dozen to put on a road map to explore and trial over the months ahead with a view to a sense of renewal for the fall season. The idea is to trial these ideas through the spring and summer and have them ready for a clear and exciting fall program.

But some of them did not have to do trialing. Two of those came from the regional directors, Filip Kovacevic for the US, West Region and John Pyrik for the Canada Region. You’ll see Filip’s activity, organizing a guest appearance by an author to his class, below, which I am told went so well that he's expanding this sort of activity over the months ahead and together we will work to put an even more ambitious event together in the fall. We can all learn from his efforts.

John Pyrik, created a new interview program for IAFIE called Project Passion in which Pyrik interviews IAFIE members who want to discuss what it is that they most enjoy teaching in intelligence. There are ten twenty-minute-long interviews which will support our members in learning more about the intelligence education tradecraft and the extraordinary members in our association. You’ll be able to find this on the IAFEI website very soon. I can imagine this will begin a number of interesting new video projects like this made by and for our members in the future.

We have many more initiatives being developed over the months ahead and look forward to more engagement from our regional directors. Many thanks to Filip and John for being leaders among us. As the year unfolds, we’ll be seeing more activities from many other active regional directors and the broader IAFIE membership. Let us know what you like most about these activities and any ideas that you may have for us to explore.

Robin Lobb
VP, Membership

Dr. Mark Stout at the University of San Francisco - 4.5.24

On April 5, 2024, Dr. Filip Kovacevic, IAFIE Regional Director for the U.S.-West, organized a book presentation by Dr. Mark Stout at the University of San Francisco.

Dr. Stout, a veteran U.S. intelligence analyst and scholar, who worked for the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon, and has had a distinguished academic career at Johns Hopkins University, spoke about his new book World War One and the Foundations of American Intelligence published by the University of Kansas Press in November 2023. Based on primary source research, Dr. Stout's book proposes an original thesis that all the main functions of U.S. intelligence as a professional intelligence service were established during WWI.

IAFIE has sponsored the purchase of two copies of the book which were autographed by Dr. Stout and given away as prizes to the students who asked the best questions. This event was attended by more than twenty students and is the first step in developing the IAFIE organizational presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. More events are being planned in the Fall.