Member Benefits

IAFIE Membership

The benefits of IAFIE membership include unlimited, full access to IAFIE's website featuring valuable online tools for communicating with the membership community. Membership also offers a detailed membership directory, discounts on online courses and publications, a comprehensive list of affiliated programs and agencies, valuable documentation to assist in preparing your own intelligence courses and constantly updated information on intelligence education and training.

IAFIE will support your professional development by:

  1. Strengthening your professional network
  2. Building credibility and enhancing visibility
  3. Keeping current
  4. Facilitating engagement with intelligence professionals and academics from around the world

Member Benefits include:

  • Discounted fees to annual conferences/general membership meetings during which scholarly papers are presented and discussed, usually including student poster presentations
  • Discounts on publications and online training courses
  • Qualify for a members rate when registering for AIPIO conferences and webinars
  • Member-authored books highlighted during the Authors’ Roundtable at each conference; publishers invited to exhibit their products 
  • Periodic webinars and other online forums that investigate innovative applications of intelligence
  • Online member discussion forum known as IAFIE
  •  Certification of intelligence studies programs/individual courses
  • Opportunity to serve on committees, publish, and give back in other ways
  • Access to several member publications:
    • IAFIE Newsletter (published 3-4 times each year)
    • Industry Digest
    • Intelligence Studies Digest
    • RIEAS Newsletter (Research Institute for European and American Studies)
    • Various trusted educational resources and book reviews
  • Instructor of the Year Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award/Distinguished Fellow designation