Board of Directors

2023-2025 Board Of Directors

Corporate Officers

President:  Dr. Craig Gruber (American University)

Vice President:  Ms. Kathy Pherson (Pherson Associates/Globalytica)

Vice President, Membership:  Mr. Robin Lobb (Georgian College, Canada) - Membership Committee

Treasurer:  Dr. Charles Gallagher (Boston College) - Finance Committee

Secretary:  Dr. Sabrina Magris (École Universitaire Internationale, Italy)


Committee Chairs

Communications:  Dr. Carol Choksy (Indiana University, Bloomington) - Midwest Regional Director

Governance:  Dr. Duncan McGill (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)

Programs:  Mr. Andrew Borene (Flashpoint)

Educational Practices:  Dr. James Ramsay (Macquarie University)

Regional Directors (attending the Board or their representatives)

GLOBAL:  Mr. Robin Lobb (Georgian College, Canada)

AUSTRALIA:  Mr. Jeff Corkill (Edith Cowan University, Australia)

CANADA:  Mr. John Pyrik (Justice Institute of British Columbia, Canada)


EUROPE:  Dr. David Strachan-Morris (University of Leicester, UK), Dr. John Nomikos (Research Institute for European and American Studies, Greece), Mr. Ole Donner (NBS Northern Business School, Germany)


SOUTHEAST:  Dr. Jonathan Smith (Coastal Carolina University)

NORTHEAST:  Dr. Giangiuseppe Pili (James Madison University)

WEST:  Dr. Filip Kovacevic (University of San Francisco)

MIDWEST:  Dr. Carol Choksy (Indiana University, Bloomington)

METRO NY:  Dr. Keith Cozine (St. John's University)

METRO DC:  Ms. Marilyn Peterson (Marymount University) - Washington DC Area Chapter President


Others Invited

President Emeritus:  Dr. Barry Zulauf (James Madison University/Georgetown University/Mercyhurst University)

President Emeritus:  Dr. Joe Gordon (National Intelligence University)

Vice President Emeritus:  Dr. Bill Spracher (National Intelligence University)


Of Counsel

Mr. Robert Heibel

Mr. Aaron Danis (The Institute of World Politics)


Research Director and Webmaster 

Ms. Kayla Murphy