IAFIE is the leading International Association for Intelligence Education


16th Annual IAFIE Conference with 5th Annual IAFIE-EC Conference

25 – 27 June 2020

hosted by École University Internationale, Italy

Institutional Contact: iafie2020@ecoleuniversitaireinternationale.net


The location for our next IAFIE-Global/IAFIE-Europe Conference has been changed. We now will be convening in Pordenone, Italy on June 25-27, 2020. Registration will be opening soon!

Pordenone is the unknown dot in the managing of intelligence in the world.

Pordenone the sign in the design amongst the colors that write history.

Pordenone one step away from the Serenissima, the first intelligence service in the world, the first Republic in the world.

As you arrange your travel dates, remember that IAFIE-Global and IAFIE-Europe have partnered with Globalytica to provide exclusive training opportunities for IAFIE members. Two Foresight SAT certificate workshops will be conducted—one just before the conference and one just after.

Visit the Globalytica website for Foresight Certification Workshop details and registration: 


23-24 June: The Impact of Global Climate Change on Intelligence Collection,Operations, and Analytic Support

28-29 June: The Impact of Global Climate Change on Law Enforcement

In addition, IAFIE-EC will be organizing members-only excursions for spouses during the conference and for all participants following the conference on Saturday afternoon. Planning is underway to organize possible excursions to Venice, the wine country, cultural tour in Pordenone, a WWII battlefield, and/or a fabulous villa. We will be sending out more details shortly. Modest fees will be charged for some of the excursions

Be with us to live what freedom and Republic are.

Be with us to be a sign, a design for what freedom and Republic will be in the future.

We will meet in Pordenone, crossroad city that unites cultures, east-west north-south for a vision of the global universe.

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